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    Michael Inpong, Marketing Director, Muller Diary

    “We love Product of the Year, it’s a fantastic institution in the UK – it helps tremendously to boost sales and drive awareness of innovation. The more you put behind POY the more you get back”

    Michael Inpong, Marketing Director, Muller Dairy

    Marketing Director SwimWays Corp

    "Consumers have a lot of options and we're dedicated to bringing them the best. The Product of the Year seal on our packaging is a testament to this. It helps shoppers make an educated decision about a product they'll use for years."

    Marketing Director SwimWays Corp.

    Tatenda Matemera, Assistant Brand Manage, Unilever

    “We think the logo is very strong because in a consumer opinion when they see this on pack for example, it gives them a stronger reason to believe that the product has a real quality – so we will definitely use this logo on our pack and in communication in the digital world; on face-book and the website to basically support our products”

    Tatenda Matemera, Assistant Brand Manager, Unilever


    Oh what a night!

    The Product of the Year awards 2016 were a huge celebration of hard work, true teamwork and UK innovation

    The Product of the Year awards 2016 were a huge celebration of hard work, true teamwork and UK innovation. Of course the awards are about products, but they’re also about people too. SW17730And looking at the smiles of all who accepted their trophies on Thursday night, we can see how much that recognition means. After devoting months of their lives to the development and launch of a new product, it’s our absolute pleasure to celebrate that success, both on the night itself and through our media partners – The Sun, Netmums, Woman’s Own and Marketing. With 42 categories, our awards reach into every retail sector. That’s important to us. After all the customer is just as entitled to know the best bladder weakness product (Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladder) as they are the best skin care (Dove Body Wash) or confectionery (AERO Mousse). We hope everyone who came along to the Park Lane Hilton had as much fun as we did. Rory Bremner was a great host, and 4th Impact a fitting, fun, finale. There was much hand clapping, cheek kissing and back slapping – all deserved by our brilliant winners. We’re also delighted that the celebrations continue straight away, with Oral-B 3D White Luxe Perfection toothpaste first off the mark with a new advertising campaign celebrating All Winners NO BAGthe Product of the Year win already launched.  We look forward to hearing about the uplift in sales which will surely follow. Thanks to everyone who made it such a fantastic evening. Now get back to work  - there's just three months until entries for 2017 open!

    One day to go….

    Finally the moment has almost arrived when we celebrate none other than the very best products of from the last 12 months.

    Finally the moment has almost arrived when we celebrate noWinnersne other than the very best products of from the last 12 months. Product of the Year 2016 is here – and we’re ready to party! For our guests, it’s time to dust off your glad rags, ditch dry January and prepare to celebrate another year of success. What have we got lined up? A great venue to start with, at the iconic Park Lane Hilton hotel. A household name will be our host for the evening. And, as always, the music will match the party mood. We know that for the winners of Product of the Year 2016, the awards themselves are only the start of the celebrations as they get to use the logo wherever and whenever they want for the next 12 months (and then watch their sales soar!) But we want the beginning of that exciting journey to go with a bang. After all, Product of the Year is not just praising the products themselves, we also want to recognise all the hard work behind them. And that’s our excuse for throwing a party! It’s a great chance for our winning teams to pat themselves on the back, and we like to think it’s PoY 2016 Logoneutral territory for a bit of friendly rivalry between brands. There’ll be networking, hobnobbing (maybe even a bit of covert job hunting!), but most of all there’ll be mutual respect for a job well done. We hope all our supporters enjoy the night as much as we will. If you haven’t won, or entered, this year, we hope you’ll be here to celebrate with us in 2017. P.S. Watch this space for photos and gossip from the evening.

    We predict a ….. carrot!

    Putting vegetables centre stage is just one of the trends that will make 2016 a ‘grate’ year...

      Putting vegetables centre stage is just one of the trends that will make 2016 a ‘grate’ year (sorry!). resz But it’s true that veggies are having a bit of ‘a moment’ and if you haven’t yet tried cauliflower rice or carrot spaghetti, now that they’re available on supermarket shelves, pre-noodled as it were, you probably soon will. The problem with food predictions, or any predictions, is that trend forecasters are light years ahead of most folk (which, we know, is their job!). ‘Coconut oil’ may be ‘so 2015’ for the newest of the new, or the most adventurous of artisan, pop-up, London eateries (The Bowler being one of our current faves!), but most families have only just found out about it – and frankly still aren’t sure whether to give it a go. Given that Product of the Year is all about celebrating the best innovations available to all, unlike a lot of trend spotters we aren’t actually that interested in what a new foodie hangout is serving in California. Instead, here is our list of things we think will be making their way into ordinary homes over the next 12 months. Can you guess which ones might get a mention at the Product of the Year awards on January 21st? 1. Chickpeas The UN has declared 2016 the ‘Year of the Pulse’, so expect a heap of products celebrating lentils, chickpeas and beans. Yum. Honestly. 2. Loving your leftovers We’re already getting much better at this, but expect root-to-shoot eating to move up a gear with the bits you might normally throw away (anyone for a carrot top?) finding a place on our plates. The low-waste culture extends beyond the kitchen too, with reusable products pushing throwaway items aside. 3. Venison Sales of the lean meat soared 115% in Sainsbury’s last year and now the store is doubling its range for 2016, with venison burgers, steaks, sausages and meatballs. Give it a go, deer. 4. Mini marvels The trend for making things in miniature has some way to run. Sales of individual wine bottles (instead of the usual 75cl ones) rose 25% according to Waitrose’s Consumer Trends Report 2015. Expect more tiny treats in 2016. 5. Alternative becoming mainstream Back to veg… Once the preserve of people like Gwyneth Paltrow, Waitrose, Tesco and the like are now selling pre-packed courgette noodle and root mash to the masses. Oils, flours and condiments once considered ‘out there’ are now in. 6. Bringing home Brazilian Two words: Rio Olympics. Give it a few months and barbecued meats, Caipirinha cocktails and fruity rice will be putting a Samba in the nation’s step. 7. A dash of help Far from relying on manufacturers to chop, cook and perfectly package for us, we increasingly want them to give us a bit of help and then leave us to it. Expect more time-saving ingredients which help – but don’t hog – the kitchen experience. 8. Frozen Pre-packed, chopped frozen fruit was a big winner in 2015 as Nutribullet sales sent the nation into smoothie spin. This isn’t the only thing happening in the frozen aisle – we can’t wait for some ice-cool innovations in the year ahead. 9. Healthier, not healthiest We want products that give the foods we love the edge. Expect to see familiar brands which deliver more, maybe extra protein, added vitamins or active ingredients. 10. Nuts Stand by, 2016 is crunch time! The healthy snack (just a handful, mind!) has now found its way into milks, flour and oils. Another example of ‘alternative’ taking over the mainstream, if you’re not a nut fan, you’d best stay in your shell. And on that note, Happy 2016 from all at Product of the Year.

    Merry Christmas from Product of the Year

    As Santa gets ready to stack up his sleigh, Product of the Year would like to wish

    As Santa gets ready to stack up his sleigh, Product of the Year would like to wish all our friends a very happy Christmas. It’s been a whirlwind 12 months, with Product of the Year getting ever stronger around the world, now celebrating innovation in 40 countries across the globe. But we are only as strong as the people we work with, from the brands who recognise the value of the Product of the Year stamp, to our research partners TNS, and the 12,000 shoppers who give their verdict on the shortlisted items. We know we are doing something right because the biggest brands in Britain, such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Mars and Beiersdorf, as well as High Street names such as Asda and Tesco, return to enter their star products year after year. We thank those companies and all those who enter the awards for their loyalty and vision, and for consistently creating innovations which deserve to be shouted about. There is a huge team behind every one of our award-winning products and we wish each and every one of you and restful Christmas and exciting New Year. A festive thank you also goes to our media partners, The Sun, Woman’s Own, Marketing magazine and Netmums. By reaching out to millions of readers, they ensure that the Product of the Year gets the shoppers vote too. With just a month until our 2016 awards, we will be starting the year with a bang. We look forward to celebrating with many of our supporters at the Hilton Park Lane on January 21st. Until then, may your Christmas be a cracker, with bells on.

    Black Friday

    Black Friday has ‘Marmite’ written all over it: We either love it or hate it, right?

    Black Friday has 'Marmite' written all over it: We either love it or hate it, right? The lazy view is that people spent Friday engaged in two polarised activitiesblack-friday: One group storming the doors of 'Currys' looking for a rock-bottom bargain, the other side shaking their head and despairing that all these frantic shoppers are sending us all straight to hell in an overladen handcart (that’s trolley in today’s speak!) One online seller, 'Toyella', is so opposed to everything Black Friday stands for that it’s actually running an opposing day on Tuesday, asking customers if they’d like to pay 5% more on top of the usual toy price, which the company will match and give the full 10% to charity. The company’s founder 'Carl Shaw' says Black Friday ‘tends to bring out the worst excesses in consumerism…it's not Britain's finest moment.’ He is not alone but, judging by the record sales being reported, he is not necessarily in the majority either. On Black Friday morning alone 'CurrysPCWorld' reported a 1100% increase in hourly unique visitors to its website and a 2900% increase on orders compared to the same time the week before. Dig beneath the headlines though and bingeing on or abstaining from the shopping frenzy are not our only options. Boring as it may sound, it actually possible to enjoy Black Friday in moderation. You see the last Friday in November is not all about jaw-dropping savings on tech or cut-price bargains on clothes. There are also great deals to be had on every day essentials, like groceries, food and drink – and with Christmas just four weeks away this is where the smart money should really be spent. 'Morrisons', for example, had a case of wine reduced from £53 to £20 this week – perfect for any Christmas party. The 'Englishwineshop.co.uk' was offering great one-day deals on home-grown grapes. With 20% off at 'Waitrosekitchen.com' and 15% at 'Waitrosegifts.com' over the Black Friday weekend, savvy shoppers could stock up on Christmas presents and spend much less. Instead of seeing Black Friday as consumerism gone completely crazy, we should look at it as the starting gun for Christmas shopping, an activity which is as much a part of this time of year as tinsel and mince pies. Like it or not, we’re all going to be dipping into our wallets over the weeks ahead, so what difference does one day or weekend of headline-grabbing bargains really make? We could always try it. Like Marmite, it might not leave such a bad taste after all.

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