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  • Testimonials

    Michael Inpong, Marketing Director, Muller Diary

    “We love Product of the Year, it’s a fantastic institution in the UK – it helps tremendously to boost sales and drive awareness of innovation. The more you put behind POY the more you get back”

    Michael Inpong, Chief Marketing Officer, Muller Group

    Tatenda Matemera, Assistant Brand Manage, Unilever

    “We think the logo is very strong because in a consumer opinion when they see this on pack for example, it gives them a stronger reason to believe that the product has a real quality – so we will definitely use this logo on our pack and in communication in the digital world; on face-book and the website to basically support our products”

    Tatenda Matemera, Assistant Brand Manager, Unilever

    Group Product Director, Zyrtec

    “It is really helpful for consumers particularly in today’s economy and environment to have help in navigating so many of the different products that are out there.”

    Group Product Director, Zyrtec (2009 US Winner)


    Spot the Logo!

    It’s time to indulge in the annual sport of logo spotting! Nearly two months after the cream of new products received their Product of the Year awards, our red and white seal of approval is popping up all over the shop (quite literally!). It’s always a thrill to see the very first use of our logo each year, discovering which brands are going to take full advantage of the winners’ privilege to use  the red and white label as they wish for an entire year. 0015 And it’s just as exciting when our mark of brilliance pops up in the most unexpected places. On one memorable occasion, the eye-catching logo was seen doing the rounds on the baggage carousel at Geneva Airport, on the side of one of our huge goodie bags bulging with a set of ski boots inside. Then there was the time our CEO, Mike Nolan, got a fuzzy feeling when he came out of New York’s JFK Airport to be greeted by the sight of the Product of the Year signage slapped on the side of a Greyhound Bus. That winner, SK Energy drinks, part owned by rapper 50 Cent, also put us up in lights when they took out a huge billboard on the biggest stage in the world, the Big Apple’s Times Square. We love SK a lot. In India, winners Whirlpool wrapped an entire building with a giant Product of the Year logo. While Robinsons Squash’d proved small is beautiful by sweetening its employees with logo-encrusted cupcakes. We’ve been around the world on an America’s Cup boat sponsored by our colleagues over in France, and our flag has even been planted in the North Pole, thanks to an intrepid P&G employee who we supported when he undertook the gruelling trek. Seeing our logo in exciting, unexpected places is a thrill, but it’s arguably much more important to spot it on product packaging, magazine adverts and advertising hoardings. That way we know our message is getting through to the people that matter – the Great British shoppers! With nearly nine out of ten consumers saying they’re more likely to buy something that has won Product of the Year, having an eye-catching way of spreading that news is at the very heart of what we do. It really works. Nearly two-thirds of those influential Millennials recognise our logo, so it’s no wonder that the smartest brands make sure they use it to the max. A former Make-up category winner, Bourgeois, reckons sales were up 60% when our seal of approval was unmistakeable on the packaging of its winning foundation. That red and white logo tells a thousand words. Instantly recognisable, it conveys in the simplest of ways that a particular product has been voted a winner by thousands of other consumers. It makes it stand out from the shelves, elevates it above its competitors and gives shoppers reassurance that they are not wasting their money.

    • Please tell us where you’ve spotted our logo – the more unexpected the better!

    We've got the beat

    We don't like to bang our own drum...

    We don’t like to bang our own drum, but when it comes to music Product of the Year has its finger on the pulse. That pulse may still be pounding somewhere around the turn of the 21st century, but here in Product of the Year HQ we like to think we’re feeling the beat nevertheless. So much so that after our Product of the Year awards 2017, held on January 19th, it was mentioned that our pick of tunes to accompany the presentation of each Product of the Year award is gaining a reputation all of its own.pexels-photo-167491 Assuming that’s a good thing (and we can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be!), here is a countdown of our top 10 best music matches from the last few years. We think you’ll agree they make truly perfect partners! At number… 10 Asda Butcher’s Selection Chicken in a Bag (winner 2015) – The Birdie Song (Black Lace) 9 Goodfellas Gluten Free Pizza (winner 2016) – I’m Free (The Soupdragons) 8 Gourmet Soup for cats (winner 2017) – Roar (Katy Perry) 7 Kingsmill Great White (winner 2015) – Theme from ‘Jaws’ 6 Cheerios Oat Crisp (winner 2017) – Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Wham) 5 X Pro Formula Satin Smooth Ladies Razor (winner 2015) – Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson) 4 Sudocreme Care & Protect (winner 2016) – All about that Bass (Meghan Trainor) 3 Bronchostop Cough Syrup and Pastilles (winner 2016) – Shake It Off (Taylor Swift) 2 Listerine Advanced White (winner 2016) – I Love Your Smile (Shanice) 1 Ariel 3 in 1 Pods (winner 2017) – You Spin Me Right Round Baby (Dead or Alive) Quick January challenge - can you suggest any top hits to match our top products?

    Oh what a night!

    BRITAIN'S leading brands were out in force...

    BRITAIN’S leading brands were out in force as Product of the Year 2017 celebrated the wealth of talent, excitement and vision driving innovation in the UK and around the world. The awards ceremony at the Sheraton Grand hotel in the heart of London’s Mayfair on Thursday January 19th celebrated the work of those delivering the very best products for the British public. Great brands need powerful teams who can deliver their company’s ambitious vision and our awards celebrated the work of the often unsung individuals doing just that. 0252 The timing of our event also proved fortuitous. Less than a day before the new American President’s inauguration, our host for the evening, Rory Bremner, brought more than a taste of Donald Trump to the occasion. And like the new President, Product of the Year took to social media to spread our message. Even with all the political build-up in America, #ProductoftheYear trended on Twitter at number two in the world as the awards unfolded. As the buzz of the awards came to a close, Saara Aalto, runner up on The X Factor, took to the stage, ending the evening on powerful note. We thank all those who made Product of the Year 2017 an occasion to remember. Congratulations to all our winners. With the Product of the Year stamp of approval, we look forward to your brands building on the awards’ success in the months ahead.

    Not just a great excuse for a party

    Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please...

    Ladies and gentleman, drumroll please…the Product of the Year awards 2017 are mere moments away. Stand by for glam frocks, great music, frequently filled glasses and fine food. In short, it’s a party! And why not? Any excuse and all that… But there’s more to Thursday evening than that. We could just let our esteemed winners know by getting a Yodel man to hand-deliver their beautiful awards, but where’s the fun in that? And we could tell the world who’s won via Twitter alone, but 140 characters or less would almost certainly miss the point. 0232Product of the Year truly is a celebration, and as such it needs a party to match. A great big fun night out is the best way to bring the industry together to mark all the incredible innovation which would otherwise go on behind closed doors. We’re celebrating the brilliant end products, but also the years of work which goes into making them. We want to provide a place where friends and colleagues can show both mutual respect and friendly rivalry. And we want the Product of the Year party to kick-start an amazing year of sales and excitement for all our winners. That’s why we’re going to all this trouble. If you’re not there in person, you can join in on social media. We'll be celebrating in style on Twitter from 8pm, and you can join the party by using the hashtag #ProductOfTheYear or @POY_UK. Your tweets will be projected live onto the wall of the venue so it will be almost like you're there in the Sheraton Grand yourself!   So whether you’ll have your glad-rags on or will be sitting there in your pyjamas, join the party and help us start our year with a bang.

    Bring me sunshine...

    There's no better way of busting the winter blues...

    There’s no better way of busting the winter blues than a night celebrating success. And with the Product of the Year Awards 2017 getting ready to rock the Sheraton Grand hotel, Park Lane, the January gloom doesn’t stand a chance. For those at the event on Thursday January 19th, we promise a night of exciting awards matched of course by our famously brilliant music choices.  Did you know that Taylor Swift is secretly very proud that Shake It Off was matched seamlessly with Bronchostop Cough Syrup at the event last year? Or so we imagine. Above all, next Thursday will be an opportunity for hardworking teams to pat themselves on the back and let their hair down with friends and colleagues.0065 We like to think Product of the Year is neutral territory for a bit of friendly banter between brands,  as well as a place to network, hob-knob and maybe even get round to a bit of covert job hunting. From the amazing atmosphere on the night, we also know that our awards give everyone in the industry the chance to show mutual respect for a job well done. And of course for winners of Product of the Year 2017 this is only the beginning. Using our instantly recognisable red and white stamp of approval, watching sales soar throughout the year is the best recognition of all. If you can’t be there on the night, you can still join in. The Product of the Year Twitter party has fast become an unmissable element of the event.  This will be the third year that the social media celebration will run alongside the awards and we’ve no doubt that #ProductoftheYear will be trending throughout the evening, as it has during the two previous Twitter events. To ramp up the atmosphere this year there will be a social media wall inside the ballroom itself projecting all those social media feeds, which is going to give our host – a witty fellow who we all know well – a whole new source of jokes. Whether you can be at the awards or not, we thank you all for your support over the last 12 months. This is the pinnacle of our year and it wouldn’t be possible without the entire FMCG industry having the confidence in their products to put them forward for public scrutiny. Now, let’s get this party started…!

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