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    “It has credibility because it is backed by 12,000 consumers. We will celebrate the awards both on pack and with advertising throughout the year.”

    Phil Thomas, Reckitt Benckiser

    Natalie Banks 
Marketing Director, Wella

    "Being voted Product of the Year helped us tremendously in getting unprecedented attention and coverage from media in the beauty industry."

    Natalie Banks 
Marketing Director, Wella (2009 US Winner)

    Jessica Wang, WE eCommerce, Proctor & Gamble

    “We value POTY award as a good online endorsement and that is the reason we keep supporting POTY every year.”

    Jessica Wang, WE eCommerce, Proctor & Gamble


    Local insights, global trends

    Last month Product of the Year teamed up with Campaign at Cannes Lions 2016 to bring you the future of global brands. At the Product of the Year roundtable, global marketing giants debated the challenges of marketing product innovation across the globe. Drawing together top individuals and ideas from all corners of the globe, the delegates considered the challenges associated with giving a global vision local flavour. _E0Y2233The roundtable was chaired by Mike Nolan, CEO of Product of the Year, with contributors including Silvia Davila, Vice-President and Global Food Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Inpong, CMO Muller Group, and Tarun Rai, CEO J Walter Thompson. Whilst consumer concerns were agreed to be a global problem – we all want our children to eat healthily and live in a safe, clean home, after all – attitudes across the globe still vary hugely despite increasing globalisation and shared technologies. What constitutes healthy eating in Beijing is unlikely to be the same as in London. So whilst the platform stays the same, delivery must be nuanced, the delegates concluded. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL ARTICLE ON CAMPAIGN

    All aboard for a brave, new Britain

    Buried in the Brexit-ness of recent weeks...

    Buried in the Brexit-ness of recent weeks, Coca-Cola suffered a shock of its own, falling out of a league of top 10 global brands. Faster than a fizzing bottle, the doomsayers has some dire predictions about for big names. We heard (again!) that tech companies and ambitious start-ups were the way forward, that smaller brands were better at telling stories and gaining consumer trust, and that global companies were guilty of complacency in a market where the biggest challenge is the pace of change. More than once the ‘big ships’ of business have been accused of slow manoeuvring compared with the tight turns of their newer rivals. But given a speedboat or a tanker, we know who we’d want to steer us through the current unpredictable storm. At Product of the Year we’re not denying that these are fast-moving times when your best has to be consistently better than it was before, but no brands we see are sitting back and letting change happen without them. Judging by the entries for 2017, which are currently pouring in, the scale and scope of innovation by the nation’s most loved brands is as ambitious as it has ever been. They know that tweaking the products, while important, is not enough. Innovation today requires companies to gain their customers’ trust like never before, on social media, through feel-good campaigns, and by showing strong leadership through these uncertain times. Unilever’s vow this month to stamp out female stereotyping shows how a big company can exert a powerful social influence. While Wrigley’s Smile Back campaign, which has funded nearly 700 oral health sessions across Britain this summer, is a clear win-win, for business and the nation’s well-being. Yes, there are some innovative new brands out there who can claim an authentic following on all-powerful social media, and tech in particular may be able to quickly satisfy the shopper’s thirst to belong to a tribe and give them a more immediate experience to share. But as the corridors of power shake, and the economy wobbles, and future certainty is torn apart, we predict that consumers will find comfort in the brand names they know and trust. That doesn’t mean that brand evolution should stop. Those those brands that can show the future is a challenge they are ready to rise to, are the ones that consumers will want to sail them into the brave new world.

    Making Product of the Year Add Up

    As we approach the middle of the Product of the Year calendar...

    As we approach the middle of the Product of the Year calendar, not to mention the mid-point in the entry process, here’s a few figures to remind you why our awards just keep on growing. Latest Stats             1 month until entries close on 31st July 10 to 15 per cent is the average sales uplift for our award winners 29 years have flown by since Product of the Year was first established in France 40 countries around the world currently have a Product of the Year presence 42 % rise in Twitter followers Weetabix reported after a Product of the Year win 86 % of shoppers are more likely to buy an item that has won one of our awards 9 out of 10 winners would definitely enter the awards again 95 per cent are happy with Product of the Year 203 days remain until our awards ceremony on 19th January, 2017 365 days that winners get to use our prestigious Product of the Year logo on all-round advertising, marketing and packaging 11,500+ members of the public vote on products that pass the jury’s initial selection 120,000 people entered our goody bag giveaway competitions this year 1.3m people heard about Product of the Year when we trended on Twitter in January 2016 To find out more and to enter for 2017 before 31st July, go to productoftheyear.co.uk/enter

    Future Classics

    If Product of the Year proves anything...

    IF Product of the Year proves anything (and we like to think it proves a lot!), it’s that iconic products aren’t the sole preserve of the past. We love to celebrate the likes of Marmite (established in 1902) and Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup (born 1881). And rightly so. These are just two British-born icons that have not merely stood the test of time, they’ve jumped up and down and jigged on it. But fortunately for us, innovation isn’t a static thing. It’s an ever-evolving opportunity, fed by changing times, bright minds and the consumers’ desire for better in whatever form that may be. That’s why brand leaders are constantly raising the bar and why the product launches we see today may well survive the passage of time to become the iconic classics of tomorrow. Yes, we all know the doom-laden statistics: three-quarters of FMCG launches fail in the first year. But what about celebrating the successes. Here at Product of the Year we’ve certainly seen a few. Former winner, Heinz Top Down Tomato Ketchup is an innovation worth squirting about. The glass bottle may still have its place but the squeezy bottle is condiment brilliance. healthy-market-shop-eco (1) Another victor, Persil Small and Mighty, changed the way we wash our clothes, and how we package our household products. Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion was a 2007 winner – and set the bar for the many other hint-of-tan products which followed. There are more than a clutch of other Noughties innovations which have already proved their staying power: Fruit Shoots and Ella’s Kitchen pouches, to name just two. Even the humble wrap has sliced away at the bread market. Nowadays all these are family staples, yet two decades ago they didn’t exist. Take Innocent smoothies. They’re a household name which have changed the way the nation drinks. They’ve been imitated endlessly but stand firm as market leader, albeit now owned by Coca-Cola. Yet it was just 16 years ago that Waitrose went out on a limb and stocked those crazy new smoothie drinks at 10 stores. The message here is clear: the blood, sweat and tears of today could be the future classics of tomorrow. Whether you love or hate the idea of being the next Marmite, in the end history will be the judge.

    Product of the Year at Cannes 2016


    BREAKING NEWS: Product of the Year will be at Cannes Lions 2016! UPDATE: check out how we got on here! Cannes LionsThe Product of the Year team will be at Cannes this June, hosting a number of events that will draw together individuals and ideas from all corners of the world. This year our spotlight is on innovation. Here's what we have planned!   Round Table Event Tuesday 21st June 2016 12:00 Marriot HotelTwitterBillboardCanneslions A roundtable debate on ‘The challenges of marketing product innovation are the same globally. Or not’ will feature marketers, agency gurus and thought leaders from Asia, North America, Europe and Africa. Our top industry leaders will be discussing whether it's really important to adapt your marketing strategy across the globe - after all, don't we all need to feed our families and wash our clothes, whether you're in Mumbai or London? Or is it really all about the channel? And how important is social media to absolutely everything? We're really excited to learn what our guests - senior marketers and experienced creatives from around the world - will have to say on this challenging topic! Campaign's Global VIP Party Wednesday 22nd June 2016 18:00-21:00 The Carlton Beach, 58 Boulevard de la Croisette We will be joining Campaign this year in hosting VIPs at Campaign’s Global VIP partycannesfinal11 the most exclusive party in Cannes! Every year the VIP party is packed with the most talented individuals from media, marketing and advertising on the beautiful Carlton Beach. We can't wait to meet them all! Are you or your company heading to Cannes this June? If so, don't forget to drop us a line and let us know! We'd love to meet you and discuss what Product of the Year can do for your brand. Please email Helga at helga@productoftheyear.co.uk or phone us on +44 (0) 20 7580 8197. UPDATE: check out how we got on here!

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