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    Director, Corporate Communications, 
Dr Pepper Snapple Group

    “The fact that we think that we have great products and consumers have validated that for us, makes it that much more special.” The television ads, the print ads, the point of sale, the way we that we can take that and translate it into the things we do every day are very important parts of what we will do with this award.”

    Director, Corporate Communications, 
Dr Pepper Snapple Group (2009 US Winner)

    Colin Watts, Walgreens

    “By giving shoppers the confidence to try a product for the first time, the Product of the Year stamp makes their life easier and helps both brands and retailers”

    Colin Watts, Chief Innovation Officer, Walgreens (2010 Jury Chair)

    Tatenda Matemera, Assistant Brand Manage, Unilever

    “We think the logo is very strong because in a consumer opinion when they see this on pack for example, it gives them a stronger reason to believe that the product has a real quality – so we will definitely use this logo on our pack and in communication in the digital world; on face-book and the website to basically support our products”

    Tatenda Matemera, Assistant Brand Manager, Unilever


    Jury Day - the verdicts are in!

    The judging process for Product of the Year 2017 began in style.

    The deliberations have begun… the judging process for Product of the Year 2017 began in style. In the plush surroundings of the Institute of Directors in London’s Pall Mall, scores of the latest products were put through their paces. A panel made up of industry experts and savvy consumers sniffed, squirted, sipped and savoured their way through the assembled items. As they made their way from one product to another, the testers ticked and marked their score sheets, giving the highest points to the products which bring something new and exciting to the supermarket shelves – and ultimately to consumers’ lives.0017 As always, with all the entries gathered in one room, some distinct trends emerged. The move towards multi-tasking products continued with brands keen to pack as much value into their star items as possible. Also noticeable for Product of the Year 2017 is the trend for traditionally luxe products to move more into the mainstream. Updating packaging was another visible theme, with brands showing that changing the way you apply or consume a product can be just as innovative as transforming what’s inside it. With more than a few ‘Why haven’t they thought of this before?’ moments, the standard of entrants was impressive, with those ever-evolving brands brilliantly anticipating what 0006customers want. Now the jury has selected its favourites, it’s time for the next exciting stage of judging to get underway. In the largest consumer survey of its kind in the UK, more than 12,000 members of the British public will now vote on their favourites, conducted my market research leaders TNS, subjecting each of the products in the final to even more scrutiny. Once they’ve had their say, we’ll have our winners. All will be revealed on Thursday 19th January 2017.

    Secrets of Jury Day

    Top tips from one of our jurors...

    PREPARE those products for a good poking: Wednesday is Product of the Year Jury Day. This is a huge date in the Product of the Year calendar when all the entered products are put through their paces by consumer experts. This team of testers taste, touch and squeeze their way around a vast room, scoring each item to a strict set of criteria. picture-158But beyond that what really happens? We asked one long-standing ‘juror’ to spill the beans and give her inside eye on the day itself. Here’s what she found out: “Skip breakfast: With dozens of foods to crunch, lick or sip, you soon feel more Augustus Gloop than Charlie Bucket. Innovation is all about the little things: Just occasionally there’ll be a product which totally breaks the mould, but most of the time though the cleverest products are the ones that have been brilliantly tweaked in a tiny way (often meeting a need you never even knew you had!) Jurors take their duties very seriously: Products are poked, shaken, tasted, sniffed, dunked, pulled…however it can be tested, it will be. But we draw the line at tucking into the pet food. Eating curry at 11am isn’t as odd as it sounds: Curry, roast chicken, pasta and sauce, noodles, pizza all pass our lips – and two minutes later we might be tucking into a bowl of cereal or a large swig of mouthwash! Sounds disgusting, but it works! Marmite moments abound: Like any democratic process, opinions will differ. Smell, for example, can cause a particular stink - a gorgeous ‘bouquet’ for one person will be a foul fragrance for another. We all love a ‘Wow!’ product: The items which end up changing their way we live often come of age after Product of the Year, and jurors can spot them a mile off. Remember top down Heinz Tomato Ketchup…! Keeping it real: Product of the Year 0107is not about spotting exclusive products which will be enjoyed by a few. Jurors are on the lookout for small innovations that have the potential to benefit millions of ordinary families. They’re the things that get us excited.” Product of the Year Jury Day is on Wednesday 14 September. Then it’s up to 12,000 members of the public to decide. Watch this space…

    A little appreciation goes a long way

    When was the last time you played with a puppy at work? Like the rest of us, it’s probably been a while. But this is one of the cute, fluffy (and more unusual) ways that positive psychologists reckon employers could be rewarding their hard-working staff. pexels-photo-38008If you’re not a puppy person, a ‘thank you’ from the bosses is probably just as valuable. Just those two words are likely to give you an immediate rush of endorphins, a feel-good feeling that lasts all day, a spring in your step that may take you through the week, and a sense of appreciation that might just make you go the extra mile. This wave of ‘gratitude’ is supposedly sweeping the nation, with all of us being urged to seek out and celebrate all the good things in our lives while ignoring the bad. The idea being that gratitude and its good friend ‘appreciation’ create a positive attitude, bring back warm memories, boost self-esteem, and breed optimism. These are emotions that are good to have buzzing about the workplace, making for stronger teamwork, reduced absenteeism, less stress and a feeling of wanting to give back. What company wouldn’t want more of that? Strangely, though, British business is still struggling on the praise and appreciation front. In a survey done last year by Monster.co.uk nearly six in 10 employees don’t feel they are thanked enough at work. What’s more, four in 10 bosses admit there is not enough thanks in their office. So while forty per cent of British employees seem to be lucky enough to work in an enlightened and grateful environment, the rest are likely to be busy planning their next sickie and wondering what on earth it’s all for. We know the importance of saying ‘thanks’ to teams and individuals because we see it every January at the Product of the Year awards. We see that rush of endorphins as employees come up to accept their awards, and we witness how much it matters to the whole team that their efforts have been recognised. Yes, it’s Product of the Year who gives out the awards, but it is businesses who put their brands – and their teams – forward. It’s a special feeling knowing that all those hours spent grafting have been recognised by the industry, peers and also employers. There’s lots of reasons why Product of the Year makes sense for brands. Rewarding the team probably isn’t top of the list, but maybe it should be. In such a competitive market, everyone is looking for the edge. Appreciating - and motivating – you people just might make that important difference. And while we’re at it, let us say ‘thank you’ for all your support. And now we’re off to find some puppies to cuddle!

    You've got to be IN it to win it

    What can Product of the Year do for you?

    ENTRIES for Product of the Year 2017 close in just a few weeks’ time. Stay out of the running and your product definitely won’t win. Get the application in and be in with a great chance, along with your rivals. Once thing is for certain: You have to be IN it to be in with a chance. Here’s some of the very best reasons for being part of Product of the Year 2017. INterest Winners report that recognition of poy-homescreen1-020513their product on the shelves goes through the roof after a Product of the Year win with an average sales boost of between 10 and 15%. Shoppers themselves say their 86% more likely to buy an item that has won a Product of the Year awards. INstinct If you and your team know you have a good product, don’t just talk about it amongst yourselves. Product of the Year is a marketers dream, giving you the chance to tell the world what you’re doing right. INspiration We know that the economic mood is uncertain and that means employees are being asked to pull out all the stops. By entering Product of the Year you’re giving those hardworking teams a vote of confidence and inspiring them to even greater things. INvestment Yes, there are costs involved, but you get so much back. Winners can use the rather eye-catching Product of the Year logo for a full year, and all runners up also get a detailed consumer research report, worth around £12,000. INsight For any brand, finding out what the public thinks of you and your new product is the Holy Grail. The 11,500 + members of the public who vote for their Products of the Year will tell you what you need to know, and our market research company TNS will do all the adding up and analysis so you don’t have to. SW17730 INvitation Did we tell you about the Product of the Year party? It’s booked in for 19th January 2017 and last year it trended on Twitter reaching 1.3 million members of the public. If you want to get your name on the guest list along with leaders in the industry and members of the national press, don’t forget to enter the awards in the next few weeks. Go to productoftheyear.co.uk/enter

    Local insights, global trends

    Last month Product of the Year teamed up with Campaign at Cannes Lions 2016 to bring you the future of global brands. At the Product of the Year roundtable, global marketing giants debated the challenges of marketing product innovation across the globe. Drawing together top individuals and ideas from all corners of the globe, the delegates considered the challenges associated with giving a global vision local flavour. _E0Y2233The roundtable was chaired by Mike Nolan, CEO of Product of the Year, with contributors including Silvia Davila, Vice-President and Global Food Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Inpong, CMO Muller Group, and Tarun Rai, CEO J Walter Thompson. Whilst consumer concerns were agreed to be a global problem – we all want our children to eat healthily and live in a safe, clean home, after all – attitudes across the globe still vary hugely despite increasing globalisation and shared technologies. What constitutes healthy eating in Beijing is unlikely to be the same as in London. So whilst the platform stays the same, delivery must be nuanced, the delegates concluded. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL ARTICLE ON CAMPAIGN

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