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  • Brand testimonials

    “This really does have authority; consumers believe it and we can leverage it in so many ways.”

    Margret Jobling, Sara Lee

    Sophie Rock, Brand Manger, Beiersdorf

    “An accolade from real consumers and I think its like the ultimate test for your innovation. Nivea will be using it online, digital activity, and social activation,and also through PR as well”

    Sophie Rock, Brand Manager, Beiersdorf

    "If there’s any award that we’d really like, it would be this one."

    Angie Johnson, Weetabix


    Congratulations to our esteemed winners!

    What a night!

    Congratulations to all the well-deserved winners of the Product of the Year Awards 2018, hosted by Rory Bremner. For a full list of winners, click here. As always, our awards were a night to remember, packed with winners, supporters, industry experts and our media partners from The Sun, Woman’s Own, Netmums and Campaign. As our CEO Mike Nolan told our 300 guests, “Thank you for believing in Product of the Year.” A packed house celebrated wins for P&G, Mars, Unilever, Asda, Boots, Premier Foods, and many more. Without such support, we wouldn’t have had the huge number of entries we enjoyed this year. Now in its 14th year in the UK, it’s amazing to see Product of the Year going from strength to strength. Our host on the night, Rory Bremner, returned by popular demand. If anyone can out-Trump the American president, Rory can.  He gave us good humour and great impressions. We gave him his career high announcing the winner of ‘Toilet Block of the Year’. You’re welcome, Rory. If there had been an award for best music link, it would have been the most fiercely contested, with Ice Ice Baby (Asda’s Make Your Own Ice Cream), The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Simba Hybrid Mattresses) and Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Taylors of Harrogate Coffee Bags) all in with a shout. Showing the others how it should be done, last year’s winners Purina DentaLife won this year’s award for Best Integrated Campaign. The dog treat experts made full use of our Product of the Year logo, slapping it on everything from packaging to instore promos  and even making sure they got their signage with our stamp of approval in supermarket car parks. 0231 If it comes down to teamwork, this year’s winner Domestos Extended Power is already on the front foot, after a mighty showing from their team when it came to accepting their award –“’99.9% of the company” quipped Rory, came up to claim their trophy. Competition for biggest team came from Oral B White Luxe – another strong showing on-stage – who definitely gave the loudest cheer of the night. The night finished with a jaw-dropping performance by X Factor runner up Grace Davies, who had more than a touch of global megastar, Adele, about her.   Thank you all for making our evening so special. In the words of Donald Trump (through the mouth of Mr Bremner) it was great to see all you “beautiful, beautiful people.”

    Popping the champagne!

    It's time to party!

    Folks, it’s that time again. Time for butterflies and bubbly and frocks and funny (ha ha) speeches. But while the rest of the world may be catching Oscar fever, we prefer to get excited about events closer to home – specifically, of course, our very own Product of the Year awards. Set to be held this Thursday, January 25, at the Sheraton Grand on London’s Park Lane, a clutch of rather great products will be hailed as the very best of 2018. city-night-explosion-fireworkFor us here at Product of the Year HQ, Thursday evening is the high point of our entire year. For the last 12 months we have been working towards this one night, uncovering the most innovative products launched over the last year and ensuring they are in the running for recognition.   Gathering our guests together to celebrate all their hard work over the last year is a privilege. Once we welcome them in from the January cold, it’s great to see everyone let their hair down with colleagues, as well as enjoy some friendly rivalry with the teams on the other tables. For our winners, of course, the glitz of Thursday evening marks a new start. With the chance to use our logo for the next year, Product of the Year is a major piece in a savvy brand’s marketing puzzle.  With sales of the winning products set to soar, rivals will also be keeping a very close eye on the outcome. If you can’t be there on the night, you can still join in. Follow us on Twitter @POY_UK or use the #ProductOfTheYear to keep up with the events of the night - and we'll be live-streaming the drinks reception on Facebook Live, Instagram and Snapchat, so no-one needs to miss out on the fun. Whether you can be at the awards or not, we thank everyone who has supported us over the past year. This week’s event wouldn’t be possible without our loyal supporters who know that being in the running for one of our unmissable red and white logos really is the start of something special. Be gone winter gloom. It’s time to party!

    Hi Honey!

    What we'll all be eating in 2018...

    THE ARRIVAL of a shiny, new year also means that just a few weeks remain until the Product of the Year Awards 2018. The winners will of course stay a closely guarded secret until the event on January 25, but you can bet that many of the prize-winning products will prove that some of the edgiest food trends of recent years are taking a turn into the mainstream. So what will we be buying in the next 12 months? Here’s some of the things that will be rattling around in every on-trend trolley … Finding a sweet spot When it comes to the edible hall of shame, sugar is surely centre-stage. It’s no wonder that alternative sweeteners are coming into their own. Swapping out the sweet stuff has honey-sweet-syrup-organicbecoming top priority for food innovators with honey, agave nectar, fruit juice and stevia all being used instead. It’s been big news for the last couple of years, but in 2018 expect non-sugar sweeteners to move into the mainstream as some of our best-loved brands find a new sweet spot. Booze-free beverages If you’ve heard of Seedlip, the high-end tippled billed as the non-alcoholic alternative to gin, you’ll know that booze-free beverages are about to have a moment. Health-conscious millennials are leading this storm of sobriety, so expect things to get a whole lot more interesting in the soft drinks aisle. Home-made with help Thanks to recipe-kits, you can now make everything from cakes and puddings to stir-fries and stews at home but have all the hard work already done for you. What would once have been seen as cheating has now been spun into time-saving savviness. Not so much a trend as a shift in the way we eat – even if only once or twice a week. In 2018, you’ll find some kind of kit in every cupboard or fridge. Packing a pouch Ready-made pouches of pulses have crept onto supermarket shelves in recent years and expect that trend to continue, with sales of lentils, chick peas, beans and quinoa set to explode of the year ahead. Running alongside the trend for vegan food, it’s all power to the pulse in 2018. Storm in a teacup When everyone went bonkers for the coffee bean, tea sort of got left behind. That’s set to change over the next 12 months, with tea bars taking a (harvested) leaf from the coffee shop trend. Alongside the traditional cuppa, expect your cup to overflow with all kinds of new flavours and a mind-boggling array of tea bags to jostle for space on the hot drinks shelves. No leftovers Throwing away food is so 2015. This year it is all about transforming your leftovers into new, more inventive meals. Open a 2018 freezer and you should find, frozen leftover bananas, diced veg and blitzed breadcrumbs. If your freezer is still full of fish-fingers and ice cream, you’re falling behind. Fantastic no-plastic We still use loads of plastic, and there’s no point pretending otherwise. But after the BBC’s recent Blue Planet II series there was a huge public awakening about what plastic is doing to our oceans. Expect people to be looking for ways to move away from plastic in 2018, and they’ll be looking to the companies they trust to lead the way. The products that find a way to replace plastic packaging will be the winners in the years ahead.

    What’s red and white and unmissable this Christmas?

    CHRISTMAS may be all about tradition, but there’s always room for some innovation at this time of year...

    CHRISTMAS may be all about tradition, but there’s always room for some innovation at this time of year too. After all, if things stayed the same, we’d still be giving kids a lump of coal in their stockings, and expecting them to be grateful for it too. We bet even Santa’s moved into the 21st Century and pimped his sleigh with some sat-nav and parking sensors (well, roofs can be tricky to negotiate at the best of times). Things have moved on in the kitchen too. Even though we still largely stick to the tradition of turkey, which became a Christmas ‘must’ in the 1950s, few cooks these days want to slave over a hot stove for the days and weeks leading up to December 25. Which is of course where innovation comes in, saving us vital time and precious energy in the run up to Christmas Day. But which of these products should the shopper splash out on? Simple. The ones bearing the red and white Product of the Year logo of course. From our 2017 winners, there are products which deserve their place in every Christmas trolley. From Hovis soft white – perfect for turkey sandwiches and essential for bread sauce, to Bisto Best Ready to Use Gravy – less stirring time = more sherry time, this is a great time to push the potential of the rather festive-looking logo. After all, shoppers are in a spin. They don’t know which products to pick from shelves that are even more overcrowded than usual. Those with our stamp of approval will be the ones that stand out from their competitors. Product of the Year winners are to be found in almost every supermarket aisle. From Nivea Daily Essentials Micellar Wipes in the beauty aisle to Energizer Recharge Extreme Batteries in electrics, our jolly logo is a guiding light at this busy time of year. We look forward to hearing of booming sales of other winning products over the festive season, expecting Asda Wonky Veg Boxes to be flying off the shelves faster than a rocket-propelled Rudolph, and hoping that shoppers are fizzing with excitement over the Sodastream Power Sparkling Water Maker. All in all, when it comes to Christmas essentials, Product of the Year winners have it all wrapped up, down to the very last piece of Andrex Classic Clean loo roll! Happy Christmas to all our 2017 winners, some of whom we have plugged here without shame. We wish all the finalists for the 2018 awards, to be held on January 25, a similarly prosperous year ahead. 2017-POYUK-All-products-New-Clover

    The Jury's Out!

    We're already a week on from Jury Day, and the judges are considering their verdict...

    “Surprisingly delicious!” was one expert’s verdict on a tasty entry for our Product of the Year awards 2018. “Kids would love it,” said another panel member gathered for our Jury Day. “Can I have more?” begged a third holding her fork aloft. It’s pretty safe to say that the product – which has to stay under wraps for now – will be one of the high scorers from the Jury Day, and will go through to the next stage of rigorous judging. It was one of the many edible entries, all of which were sipped and savoured by our jury made up of more than 30 consumer experts. Their job was to vet the entered products before they go to the next stage of judging, making sure that only those who truly brought something new to the market made it through. A0080rmed with a pen and clipboard, each member of our jury put more than 20 products through its paces, marking their scoresheets as they touched, tasted, smelled and studied each item, giving the highest points to the products which bring something new and exciting to the supermarket shelves – and ultimately to consumers’ lives. As always, with all the entries laid out for judgement some distinct trends emerged. The ever-innovative household sector proved a strong category, with pet care also well represented. When it came to edible offerings, there was nearly as much buzz about how we consume things as there was about what we eat or drink. There was certainly no lack of new and exciting developments, showing that brands are forever evolving to meet the public’s changing needs, and aren’t afraid of surprising us too. It was great to see some of our past winners putting forward their latest innovations, as well as welcoming some fresh brands to Product of the Year. Now the jury has selected its favourites, it’s time for the next exciting step on the judging journey.  At that stage, more than 12,000 members of the public will give their verdict on all the shortlisted products, answering a series of detailed questions what they think each innovative item brings to the market. Their top scorers in each category will go on to win one of our coveted awards. Once the Great British public has had its say, we’ll have our winners. All will be revealed at our 25th January 2018. We can’t wait!

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