Call yourself a chocoholic? Try our Easter funny…

We’ve all got a sweet spot for chocolate, with Brits scoffing an average of 17.49lbs of their favourite snack each year. (Source: The World Atlas of Chocolate).

woman-mouth-teeth-sweets-37831We love it all year round, but with the supermarkets now choc-a-block with the full range of Easter eggs, there’s no escaping our devotion to our favourite confectionary bars.

So are you a mindless muncher or do you really know your sweet stuff?  Have a go at our quiz, which celebrates Britain’s most iconic chocolate brands, to find out. Check your choca-knowledge against the answers at the bottom.


1 What cracking innovation in 1971 has been a mainstay of Easter ever since?

A Cadbury’s Mini Eggs

B Cadbury’s Creme Egg

C Lindt Gold Bunny


2 Which company won the first Fairtrade mark for a chocolate product?

A Mars

B Green and Blacks

C Divine


3 What iconic chocolate bar launched in the UK in 1905?

A Cadbury Dairy Milk

B Mars Bar

C Nestlé Milkybar


4 Where are Cadbury’s owners based?


B Switzerland

C America


5 How many peaks are there in a 360g Toblerone bar?

A 11

B 15

C 9


6 What innovative dish won Product of the Year UK’s chocolate category in 2017?

A Chocolate pasta

B Chocolate sauce

C Chocolate pizza


7 We can ‘share the joy’ with which Product of the Year winning chocolate selection on its 20th birthday this year?

A Cadbury Heroes

B Mars Revels

C Mars Celebrations


8 How many colours are there in a tube of Nestlé Smarties?

A 5

B 8

C 10


9 Which standard bar of the following chocolate weighs the most?

A Mars bar

B Snickers bar

C Yorkie original


10 What nation consumes the most chocolate per head of population?

A Germany

B Switzerland




1 B

2 B for its Maya Gold bar in 1994.

3 A

4 C – US based Kraft bought the company in 2010.

5 A – The number of peaks was reduced from 15 to 11 in the UK in 2016, shrinking a 400g bar to 360g.

6 C – Dr Oetker Chicago Town Chocolate Dessert Pizza.

7 C – Mars Celebrations won a Product of the Year award 2017 and Celebrations, with the tagline ‘Share the Joy’ were launched in 1997.

8 B – Red, orange, blue, green, yellow, pink, violet and brown

9 A – 51g compared to Yorkie 46g and Snickers 48g

10 B –The Swiss munch their way through 19.8 pounds per capita (

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