Entries are now open for Product of the Year 2018!

On the off-chance that sentence hasn’t already made you drop us an email, here’s 10 reasons that might:

1. Long meetings, late nights and serious elbow grease went into making your product great. Now, with a quick message to Product of the Year HQ, you can get your team the recognition it deserves.

2. Winners see sales go through the roof with an average sales increase of between 10 and 15%. Your ‘baby’ could be the next Herbal Essences – the P&G brand saw sales soar by 135% after its Product of the Year win.

3. Getting unbiased feedback from the general public is time-consuming and costly. Every Product of the Year finalist gets a research report worth £12,000 as part of their package.

4. Our awards party in the first month of 2018 is the perfect pick me up. Oh, unless – or perhaps especially – if you’re struggling though dry January.

5. It’s not enough for your boss to know you did a great job. Customers need to be in on the secret too. That’s where our distinctive red and white logo comes in, making your winning product stand out on the crowded supermarket shelves.

6. You want press coverage? We’ll give it to you in spades. Full lists of past award winners have featured in The Sun, on Netmums and in Women’s Own, reaching millions of potential customers.

7. We’re all over social media. For the past two years, #ProductOfTheYear has trended on twitter during our awards party, reaching over three million people, and our digital arm will continue to spread the good news throughout the year of your win.

8. Millennials love us: More than half of them recognise our logo, which winners get to use for an entire year. Product of the Year will help you reach that key audience.

9. Finding out what the public thinks of your brand and your new product is priceless. The 11,500 + members of the public who vote for their Products of the Year will tell you what you need to know, and our market research company TNS will crunch the numbers so you don’t have to.

10. Nearly nine of ten shoppers are more likely to put a product that has won a Product of the Year award in their trolley. Make sure yours is one of them.


You can enter today – just click here!

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