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What can winning Product of the Year do for your brand?

The Product of the Year seal is a powerful marketing tool successfully used by winners across the globe. Winning Product of the Year can therefore be a fantastic boost for your company, since it has a proven track record in sales uplift. Put your success to good use, and you could see a sales uplift of up to 135% across the year!*

Here are our top tips on how to maximise leverage from your win.


What makes Product of the Year so special is that it’s a genuine consumer survey – we don’t nominate products, and our 11,500 voters are completely independent and impartial. So don’t be afraid to let your customers know that they voted you Product of the Year!

  • Use the logo on all your campaigns – get it out there on TV ads, posters, online and packaging
  • The most common reason why winners miss our on sales uplift is failure to communicate the win to consumers, so make sure you make the most of your victory!
  • The Product of the Year logo is an easily recognisable shortcut for consumers looking for a better product – 86%¬†are more likely to buy a product that has won Product of the Year!**


  • We see 10-15% average sales increase across the globe – after all, 11,500 voters can’t be wrong!
  • 90% of Product of the Year winners would enter again, and 95% consider it a positive experience.
  • 58% have seen or expect an increase in sales directly linked to their Product of the Year win.***
  • Winning Product of the Year means more than just a day’s success – it’s a tangible link to consumer choice and increased sales!


  • Engage pro-actively with your customers on Facebook and Twitter – from the moment you enter to that victory photo – you could see an increase of over 40% in your online following!****
  • #ProductOfTheYear trended on Twitter for the first time in 2016, reaching 1.3 million people.
  • Let consumers be the first to know that you’ve won! Take loads of photos at the awards ceremony and blag about it on social media – now is not the time to be shy! The more you put in to Product of the Year, the more you will get back.



*Sales increase reported by 2005 haircare winner Pantene
**TNS Omnibus Data May 2013
***Product of the Year survey of 2015-16 winners, May 2016
****Weetabix saw a 42% increase in Twitter followers following their award win

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