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Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated - Baby Care

Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrate

New Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated has been developed together with mums using only the kindest ingredients for the most gentle and sensitive skin. Its delicate formula is dermatologically tested and recognised by the British Skin Foundation as being perfect for those with sensitive skin. Using the same loved fragrance as Pure, in an ultra-concentrated format, new Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated offers outstanding softness from just a tiny dose.


Kiddylicious Wafers - Babyfood

Kiddylicious Wafers

Kiddylicious gently baked rice wafers are a great way to introduce solid food. Available in three flavours (banana, carrot and blueberry) they are firm but melt in the mouth texture supporting baby’s mouth and taste bud development, and best of all are completely mess free! Suitable for babies around 6+ months, the wafers are also the perfect size for little hands to hold on to and are lower in sugar than alternatives.

RETAIL PRICE: £2.00 per box of 20

Hovis Soft White - Bakery

Hovis Soft White

New Hovis Soft White is now even softer than before, making it perfect for sandwiches or straight from the toaster. Available in Medium, Thick or Doorstop sliced, our new Soft White loaves are soft from the first slice to the last.

RETAIL PRICE: £0.85 per 80g loaf

Purina Gourmet Soups - Cat Food

Gourmet Soups

Gourmet is proud to present the category changing innovation, Gourmet Soup. It is full of nature’s finest ingredients, like real recognisable pieces of seafood served in a delicately refined broth. Soup is a unique, sensorial feline dining experience, launched because cats love added gravy and owners love spoiling their cats with natural ingredients. Our soup is a huge hit, with an average rating of 4.9 * out of 5 from our consumers!

RETAIL PRICE: £2.50 per box of 16


Cheerios Oat Crisp

Cheerios Oat Crisp® is a tasty new heart healthy breakfast, made with crunchy oat flakes mixed with light, crispy, Cheerios O’s. A delicious combination, not compromising on taste, Cheerios Oat Crisp® is a natural source of beta-glucan (each bowl containing 1/3 of your daily recommended intake) that can help lower cholesterol, whilst also being high in fibre and low in saturated fat, which is why cholesterol charity Heart UK have given Cheerios Oat Crisp® their seal of approval.


Seriously Strong Spreadable Vintage - Cheese

Seriously Strong Vintage Spreadable

Only Seriously Strong Spreadable Vintage is made with award-winning Scottish Vintage cheddar matured for over 18 months. This gives it its rich and intense flavour and, with a delicious creamy texture it’s ideal when you fancy something different to spread onto crackers or crusty bread, perfect as a snack or an accompaniment to a main meal.

RETAIL PRICE: £1.45 per 125g

Mars Celebrations - Chocolate

Celebrations Pouch

The Celebrations resealable pouch bag is a new way to enjoy everyone’s favourite mix of miniature chocolate bars. Maltesers, Galaxy, Galaxy Caramel, Mars, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way and Bounty. Whether it’s to share in the office, to refill your Celebrations tub at home, or for all those pre-Christmas get-togethers- there’s the perfect mix of everyone’s favourite chocolates to share for any occasions. The only question is how long they’ll last!

RETAIL PRICE: £4.00 per 490g bag

Flora Freedom Dairy Free Spread - Dairy Free Spread

Flora Freedom

Flora Freedom is the new, great tasting dairy free spread from one of the UK’s most popular spreads brands. The spread is completely dairy free and is approved by the Vegan society. 100% of the oils in Flora Freedom are from plants, and it’s free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Enjoy the rich taste of butter, without any of the dairy to live a lighter, healthier and more responsible diet – Vegan do it!


Purina Dentalife - Dog Care

Purina Dentalife Daily Oral Care

Purina DentaLife is an innovative dog dental chew that is scientifically proven to help scrub even those hard-to-reach back teeth that are the most vulnerable to plaque and tartar build up. It’s designed for daily usage, with a chewy porous texture more effectively to reduce tartar build up and to naturally massage the gum lines. Purina DentaLife is flavoured with tasty chicken, with no added artificial flavourings or colours. Avaialble for small, medium and large dogs in appropriately sized packs.

RETAIL PRICE: £3 for large pack (12-21 sticks)


Sodastream Power Sparkling Water Maker

SodaStream Power is the newest model in the SodaStream range, with the power to turn ordinary tap water into fresh sparkling water in seconds. The machine has an attractive, space-saving design that sits elegantly on any kitchen work top. It features an LED interface to identify when your water is fully carbonated and an intuitive snap-lock bottle, allowing you to create delicious refreshing sparkling water effortlessly.


Lenor Fabric Conditioner - Fabric Conditioner

Lenor Fabric Conditioner

Introducing NEW Lenor fabric conditioner to protect the clothes you love. Lenor has developed an ‘Anti-Age3’ technology, designed to protect your favourite garments from the three most common signs of ageing – stretching, fading and bobbling. It’s taken a team 25 fibre scientists over 3 years to develop these particles which penetrate deeper and faster in between the fibres resulting in less friction and ultimate protection of your clothes – keeping them looking beautiful for longer!

RETAIL PRICE: £3.00 for 44 washes

Muller Corner - Family Yogurt

Muller Corner Fruit & Crunch

Müller has refreshed its core Fruit and Crunch Corner range with a brand new recipe and packaging design! The iconic Corner yogurt has a thicker and creamier tasting recipe to better accompany the tantalising fruit and crunch accompaniments. The entire core Fruit and Crunch Corner range has a brighter, more vibrant packaging design, better communicating the Müllerlicious crunchy or fruity contents to dip or tip!


Asda Extra Special Sausages - Food

Asda Extra Special Sausages

The award winning Asda Extra Special Sausage range is made using whole fresh cuts of pork shoulder and pork belly. Every piece of meat is hand inspected by time served butchers and no trim or frozen meat is used. All of the pork is produced from Local Red Tractor approved farms in Northern Ireland and as well as being really tasty and full of succulence the range is 100% gluten free. From September all lines will be in alginate (seaweed) based casings to guarantee consistency and a great eat every time.

RETAIL PRICE: £2.48 for 6

Chicago Town Chocolate Desert Pizza - Frozen Dessert

Chicago Town The Chocolate Dessert Pizza

Try the Ultimate Chocolate Hit! Chicago Town, The UK’s biggest frozen pizza brand is sweetening its offering with the launch of its brand new limited edition Chocolate Dessert Pizza. This sweet pizza has a chocolate dough base for added indulgence, a first for the market, and includes a variety of milk, dark and white chocolate toppings that is perfect for a sweet treat with family and friends.


Benadryl Allergy Naturease Nasal Spray - General Healthcare

Benadryl Allergy NaturEase Nasal Spray

During the allergy season pollen can leave your nose irritated, making you sneeze and constantly reach for tissues. Instead try our new 100% natural Benadryl® Allergy NaturEase Nasal Spray; it helps clear and soothe your nose irritation and has an instant effect. It contains ectoin, a naturally sourced ingredient, which supports the body’s natural protection barrier against irritants. The instant release spray helps reduce mucus-trapped allergens, soothes irritation and is free of chemical additives.


Asda Wonky Veg Box - Healthy Food

Asda Wonky Veg Box

Our Asda Wonky Veg Box contains 5kg of wonky fresh product – peculiar potatoes, crooked carrots and knobbly peppers are all in the mix, prices around 30% cheaper than standard lines, all ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside. Our Wonky Veg highlights the importance of our quality relationships with our farmers offering an affordable and tasty treat fresh from fields to your kitchen.

RETAIL PRICE: £3.50 per 5kg assorted veg

Tetley Super Everyday Tea - Hot Beverage

Tetley Super Everyday Tea

Introducing Tetley Super Teas – everyday teas with added health benefits. This exciting new range consists of BOOST with vitamin B6 to reduce tiredness, IMMUNE with vitamin C to support your immune system, and ALERT which has added caffeine to help improve alertness and concentration. These three teas taste as good as your normal cuppa but have added benefits for when you need them most.

RETAIL PRICE: £1.59 per 20 bags

Energizer Recharge Extreme - Household

Energizer Recharge Extreme

Energizer introduces the world’s first rechargeable AA & AAA batteries made with recycled batteries*. Engineered to be more responsible†, while maintaining performance: our innovative manufacturing process transforms materials to maintain performance. Energizer Recharge Extreme delivers the best overall consumer experience:
– Our longest lasting Rechargeable AA battery††
– Holds charge for up to 1 year in storage
– Up to 5 year usable life

RETAIL PRICE: £12.99 per 4 pack

Bassett Vitamins Raspberry - Kids Vitamins

Bassetts Multivitamins 7-11 Raspberry

Our delicious, no added sugar, naturally coloured and flavoured raspberry multivitamin has been tailored with a balance of nutrients to help eager and adventurous 7-11 year olds explore and get stuck into life.  For little ones, bigger ones and sort-of-inbetweeny-ones, our range of delicious, fruity vitamins covers all your family at every stage.

RETAIL PRICE: £4.39 (30 pastilles)

Ariel 3 in 1 Pods - Laundry Detergent

Ariel 3 in 1 pods

Ariel 3 in 1 Pods are the first ever laundry capsules with three compartments: 1. Clean, 2. Lift Stains and 3. Brighten. The unique multi-compartment design keeps the active ingredients stable until they reach the wash. The super-compact detergent includes “cleaning active boosters”, reinforced to remove a wide range of stains. You only need One Pod for an Amazing Clean and was claimed by Which? to be the “best liquitab on tough stains”. The pods are also super convenient – all you need to do is throw one into your washing drum… no powder or liquid dosing or spilling!

RETAIL PRICE: £4.50 for 19 washes

Hyde & Sleep Mattress - Mattress

Hyde & Sleep Mattress Range

A perfect combination of cooling memory foam and springy latex, Hyde and Sleep’s Memory Foam Mattress is unbeatable. Three layers of next-generation memory foam, cooling foam and high density base foam provide outstanding comfort. The latex delivers ‘bounce’ while the memory foam’s moulding benefits combined with its natural cooling balm prevent overheating to ensure deep, restful sleep. Alternatively, try the Pocket Spring Mattress, a cool and comfortable mattress with over 2,000 conical pocket springs* to ensure a perfect night’s sleep. Both include free delivery within 24 hours to your door and a 100-day trial period with free returns if you change your mind!
*Based on Super King mattress.

RETAIL PRICE: £345 single memory foam, £395 single pocket spring

Gillette Fusion Proshield with Fireball Technology - Men's Razor

Gillette Fusion ProShield with Flexball Technology

Gillette Fusion ProShield is engineered to proactively shield against irritation with added lubrication before as well as after the blades. The Fusion ProShield delivers incredible closeness while the FlexBall handle with its innovative pivot responds to facial contours for maximum contact. It also features Gillette’s thinnest, finest blade edges with less tug and pull, plus a MicroComb to help guide stubble to the blades and a Precision Trimmer for accurate edging.



Arla BOB Milk

Arla Best of Both promises the full taste of semi-skimmed milk, with only the fat of skimmed. No more is the choice only be between Red, Green or Blue. Arla Best of Both sunny disposition (and yellow packaging) brings joy back to the milk aisle. By taking some of the naturally occurring protein in milk and adding it back in to skimmed, Arla have created a milk with a taste and texture as good as semi but fat-free. Not only this, but alongside Arla’s unique PurFiltreTM process, it also lasts longer in the fridge too!


Sparkling Ice - No Added Sugar Drink

Sparkling Ice

Introducing the Bold Side of Water, Sparkling Ice combines sparkling water, natural flavours, fruit juice, vitamins and antioxidants to offer a great tasting, lightly carbonated beverage. For all age groups, and just 12 calories per bottle. Low on calories but great on taste, Sparkling Ice is available in four fantastic flavours: Kiwi Strawberry, Peach Nectarine, Orange Mango and Black Raspberry.

RETAIL PRICE: £1.49 per 500ml bottle

Oral-B Genius - Oral Care


Over 80% of people leave plaque behind because they miss a whole zone of their mouth when they brush. That can lead to cavities and gum disease. Oral-B GENIUS is the world’s first brush with Position Detection Technology. Combining motion sensors with facial recognition software, it’s the only one that sees where you brush to guide you as it cleans. Beautiful. Revolutionary. Intelligent. Oral-B’s best toothbrush ever . It’s like having a dentist at home…it’s GENIUS!


Dr Oetker Ristorante Large - Pizza

Dr. Oetker Ristorante Large

The Fresh Pizzeria Taste just got bigger! New to the Dr. Oetker Ristorante menu is our Large Pizza Pepperoni, generously topped with mouth-watering pepperoni, mozzarella & Edam cheese, red & yellow peppers and red onion, all coming together on a deliciously thin & crispy base. These larger size pizzas are 30% bigger than our Classico range and are perfect for sharing. Also available in the range is our Large Pizza Formaggi.


Weetabix Protein Crunch - Protein Cereal

Weetabix Protein

Weetabix Protein is high in wheat protein but also high in fibre, low in sugar, salt and fat and fortified with iron and vitamins. A serving of Weetabix Protein with milk (40g portion with 135ml semi-skimmed milk) contains 12g of protein compared to 6g from a large egg. Weetabix Protein makes it quick and easy to get more protein at breakfast.

RETAIL PRICE: £2.99 x24 biscuits

Uncle Bens Rice & Grains - Rice & Grains

Uncle Ben’s Rice & Grains

Uncle Ben’s Rice & Grains is a great-tasting new Ready to Heat range combining wholegrain rice with added grains such as quinoa, wild rice or pearl wheat. A great source of complex carbohydrates, they can be prepared in just minutes in a microwave or pan, and when added to a healthy accompaniment such as chicken, fish, vegetables and salads make a quick, healthy meal that tastes great. The range comes in 8 great flavours and are low in fat, saturated fat and sugars and provides a natural source of fibre. It is also free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

RETAIL PRICE: £1.99 per 2 servings

Bisto Best Ready to use Gravy - Sauce

Bisto Best Ready to Use Gravy Sauce

Bisto Best Ready to Use Gravy Sauce brings midweek meals to life in a convenient pouch format. Made with real meat juices, the delicious Beef and Red Wine gravy sauce is perfect for serving with tender steak, chunky chips and green beans. Bisto’s new ready-to-heat and pour gravy sauces are also available in two other tasty variants: ‘Chicken and Thyme’ and ‘Red Onion and Ale’.

RETAIL PRICE: £1.89 per 2 servings

Oxo Stock Pots - Seasoning

Oxo Stock Pots

Oxo Stock Pots, our range of best ever concentrated stocks, will bring out the best in your meal. Our convenient, perfectly portioned stock pots give deeper, richer flavour to your favourite meals. The rich flavour base is created from a special blend of real meat juices, vegetables and herbs, such as ‘Rich Beef with Onion and Rosemary’, to lift the flavour of every mouthful. Oxo Stock Pots are gluten free and available in five other delicious variants, with reduced salt.

RETAIL PRICE: £1.45 per 4 stock pots

Nivea Daily Essential Micellar Wipes - Skincare

NIVEA Daily Essentials 3 in 1 Cleansing Micellar Wipes

Fall in love with the magical cleansing sensation of NIVEA Daily Essentials 3 in 1 Cleansing Micellar Wipes for face, eyes and lips, which 1. Removes make-up 2. Cleanses and 3. Moisturises skin. The extra soft wipe is packed with Micellar Water. The Micellar technology gently lifts away even waterproof make-up like a magnet and deeply cleanses skin. No rubbing required! The formula is especially mild for the delicate eye area. Skin is left feeling cleansed, soft and cared for and lashes are protected.


Clover Original - Spread NEW

Clover Original

Clover is the first major spread with absolutely no artificial ingredients and a delicious buttery taste that British families love. Simply made with buttermilk, Clover is the perfect ingredient to add flavour to your family meals and is half the saturated fat of butter. Clover knows that you are all looking for healthier, natural and balanced diet options that still taste great.


Soltan Protect & Repel - Suncare

Soltan Protect and Repel

Offering unbeatable 5* UVA protection, Soltan Protect & Repel has been developed by Boots’ suncare experts to provide the maximum UVA rating with added effective insect repellent. Soltan Protect & Repel has no nasty insect repellent odour and is light and water resistant sun care that leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. Soltan Protect & Repel is available as both a lotion and a spray, across the range of SPFs and with a complementary aftersun product.


Skittles Tropical - Sweets

Skittles Tropical

Skittles Tropical is the latest innovation from Skittles, bringing flavours of the Tropics to the UK. With flavours including Passion Fruit, Tropical Punch and Pineapple, Skittles Tropical offers the classic Skittles you know and love with a tasty tropical twist. Discover the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow.

RETAIL PRICE: £0.49 per 55g bag

Golden Oreos - Teatime Treat

Golden Oreo

Oreo has added some sunshine to the cookie dough and created Golden Oreo… the answer to biscuit lovers’ cry for non-chocolate cookies. Beaming from the biscuit aisle, Golden Oreo is a twist on the iconic cookie as it swaps the traditional black and white for a bright, crunchy, vanilla-ry cookie and creme.

RETAIL PRICE: £1.08 per pack

Oral-B White Luxe Whitening Accelerator - Toothpaste

Oral B 3D White Luxe Whitening Accelerator Toothpaste

Oral-B 3DWhite Luxe Whitening Accelerator is designed for an intensive whitening treatment to use after brushing with toothpaste. It contains Oral-B’s highest level of the advanced whitening ‘Glass-H’ technology – with 2X more dissolvable micro-beads (polyphosphate) vs. 3DWhite Luxe Perfection toothpaste. It is proven to: 1) whiten more vs. toothpaste alone; 2) protect against future stains to keep whiteness longer; 3) protect enamel with the finely textured advanced polyphosphate particles for a gentle cleaning experience.


Andrex - Toilet Tissue

Andrex Classic Clean

Over 70 years of experience have gone into making new Andrex® Classic Clean, and we think it’s our best ever. It’s now thicker, embossed and designed for a better clean. Perfectly balancing softness and strength, it keeps your family feeling clean and confident. Andrex®; trusted and loved for generations.

RETAIL PRICE: £2.00 per 4 rolls

Muller Simply Bliss - Yogurt

Muller Simply Bliss

Muller Simply Bliss is a new delicious Greek-style yogurt. Whipped until luxuriously creamy, Muller Simply Bliss comes in three divine flavours: Lemon, Strawberry and Vanilla (limited edition).

RETAIL PRICE: £2.29 per x4 pack

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