What’s red and white and unmissable this Christmas?

CHRISTMAS may be all about tradition, but there’s always room for some innovation at this time of year too.

After all, if things stayed the same, we’d still be giving kids a lump of coal in their stockings, and expecting them to be grateful for it too.

We bet even Santa’s moved into the 21st Century and pimped his sleigh with some sat-nav and parking sensors (well, roofs can be tricky to negotiate at the best of times).

Things have moved on in the kitchen too. Even though we still largely stick to the tradition of turkey, which became a Christmas ‘must’ in the 1950s, few cooks these days want to slave over a hot stove for the days and weeks leading up to December 25.

Which is of course where innovation comes in, saving us vital time and precious energy in the run up to Christmas Day. But which of these products should the shopper splash out on? Simple. The ones bearing the red and white Product of the Year logo of course.

From our 2017 winners, there are products which deserve their place in every Christmas trolley. From Hovis soft white – perfect for turkey sandwiches and essential for bread sauce, to Bisto Best Ready to Use Gravy – less stirring time = more sherry time, this is a great time to push the potential of the rather festive-looking logo.

After all, shoppers are in a spin. They don’t know which products to pick from shelves that are even more overcrowded than usual. Those with our stamp of approval will be the ones that stand out from their competitors.

Product of the Year winners are to be found in almost every supermarket aisle. From Nivea Daily Essentials Micellar Wipes in the beauty aisle to Energizer Recharge Extreme Batteries in electrics, our jolly logo is a guiding light at this busy time of year.

We look forward to hearing of booming sales of other winning products over the festive season, expecting Asda Wonky Veg Boxes to be flying off the shelves faster than a rocket-propelled Rudolph, and hoping that shoppers are fizzing with excitement over the Sodastream Power Sparkling Water Maker.

All in all, when it comes to Christmas essentials, Product of the Year winners have it all wrapped up, down to the very last piece of Andrex Classic Clean loo roll!

Happy Christmas to all our 2017 winners, some of whom we have plugged here without shame. We wish all the finalists for the 2018 awards, to be held on January 25, a similarly prosperous year ahead.


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